Get Noticed (and I don’t mean by google)

In digital history we have discussed the ways in which google rates web pages an how to get yourself noticed by the googlers out there – as well as the google search bots. But what about getting noticed by other public historians – how do we network over the network we can’t see and can barley understand?  Well as Jeff Howe descried in his article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” found in Wired “all you need is some passionate geeky volunteers to write code” – any takers… I was surprised to find today that yes someone has met this challenge at least for those of us interested in the museums blogosphere. A website called Museum Blogs has taken on the task of providing central access to all of the blogs out there that focus on museums, they basically provide a central directory with RSS feeds to  stories from hundreds of blogs. The passionate geeky volunteers in this case are Ideum a company that designs interactive exhibits and software for museums. They have also built a companion site for musuem podcasts . To become listed to the sites a nomination must be submitted (this can be done by anyone) and Ideum decides who it would like to add.

Thanks to the designers at Ideum there are better and more specific ways for museums and their projects to get noticed on-line – outside of the boundaries of mass information provided by Google.   Perhaps it is time for organizations such as CHIN to provide these services as well, they have stepped up by providing tutorials to learn how to create RSS feeds and do have a few museum related RSS feeds available on their site but none specifically for those publishing on-line or blogging about museums.

the work of the historian is becoming part of the digitized world, as it should,  thanks in great part to those passionate geeks.


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