New Learnings

I’m back at it after two years of working, it’s time to research and write again.

I’m working at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. Singing in the St. Paul’s United Church Choir. Volunteering with Open Streets Hamilton, The Peace Cafe and Re Think Barton Tiffany. I’m engaged to an artist and getting to know his family better as well as building stronger ties with my own. In the past year I have become more involved in the community and met many wonderful people and I think I am ready to look forward to learning beyond the walls of a school.

So where to begin? This week I opened what I think I can term as my first museum exhibit (although I’ve done some small one’s in the past) and the opening went well, and I think was quite fun for most people who attended.

I was able to rely on local talent for music and performances, I have learned that part of building communities around museums is making sure they are participatory, that the people who come to the museum see something of their own values and beliefs reflected in the exhibits and the stories being told.

I think this most recent exhibit which examines industry through art is a step forward in my work to create community through history.

My second area of learning I think will come from my work with the  Peace Cafe.  I have begun reading Servant Leadership which is a basis for much of the work of the Peace Cafe and the Canadian Center for Teaching Peace and as I progress through my own journey of learning I hope to find links between this work and my role as a public historian in the community.

More on that in upcoming posts. I’m also going to try and learn more about Museums that are doing a good job of building communities and cultures of Peace – this week I’m looking into WAM – the Woman’s Active Museum on War in Japan.

I hope that people reading this will find it of value – and that my journey may be helpful to others travelling similar paths.


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